Musical Concepts, LLC

Leading The Way In SongForensics

Musical Concepts, LLC is on the cutting edge of musical innovation and technique. Our business model is unique in that we offer visionary products to all sectors of the population. From artists, songwriters, record producers and executives to parents and school teachers. At Musical Concepts, we are not only enthusiastic about song analysis; we are also concerned about our children's future. With the lack of integrity in today's media content and digital medium readily accessible to 92% of the young poopulation, Musical Concepts will actively participate in addressing these issues. We execute this vision each and every day, these values are the foundation of our commitment to our members and subscribers.

There are a lot of great things to share about our company. Our history began on 2006, with our first musical based business The Music Business Analyzer ( By 2008, evolved into which is an emerging discipline of song analysis that we like to call "SongForensics". Being pioneers in this field enables us to offer the best in SongForensics data analysis.

Leading our company is a group of dedicated individuals who present great goals for Musical Concepts. Our staff is consistently mindful that we have to deliver superior products to market. Our data is precise and up to the minute. Our goal is to bring excellence to our membership base. We would like to express our gratitude to our members for being a part of the Musical Concepts family.

Musical Concepts Thanks You!